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    We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of paper glass manufacturing machine. Our paper glass making machine Andhra Pradesh is the company that produces and supplies a great volume of paper glass making machine to the market. Paper glasses are commonplace these days, as they are eco friendly and reduce the pollution to a great extent. Paper glasses have been a perfect replacement to plastic products.
We supply paper glass manufacturing machine with some advanced features such as using perfect sealing methods. While occupying a smaller area in your premises, less power is consumed making them more energy efficient.
Paper Glass Making Machine Andhra Pradesh

 Paper Glass Manufacturing Machine

  Paper glass making machine Andhra Pradesh is famous for colorful cups that are also made with adequate thickness and size. When compared to other types of glasses, paper glasses are less priced. Our special team of experts updates the features of the devices. The Indian Government has already banned the usage of plastics. This has led to widespread usage of paper made products which thereby has increased the demand. So, our machines which are sold in large numbers display efficiency in production and higher productivity.

All our fully automatic, semi automatic and manual devices support raw material that are not the least harmful to the environment. Hence, they are termed completely eco friendly. We are the best of leaders and pioneers in making eco-friendly paper glass manufacturing machines. Like all our products, they are easy to maintain and operate as well. We use digital control panels that make it easy to operate the device.

Our efficient designing structure protects you from electrical leakage with the help of all the required converters that adapt easily to voltage fluctuation. Our devices come with different configuration to correspond with the price you can afford to buy. It enables you to get the device that suits your budget with all the features you desire to have. Our fully automatic machinery can produce 40 to 80 glasses per minute. In this very competitive industry, we keep track of each and every step of the customers’ requirements to upgrade our products’ specifications.

The size of the glasses produced range from 100 ml to 300 ml. The sealing technique used is 5 x heater type sealing. Here, we would suggest our customers use single side PE coated paper for better performance and output. Our devices weigh around 1500 Kilograms which have 3 moulds to give better strength to the glasses. Our experts manufacture strong devices with a great durability. We manufacture devices that require 3 phase 380 Volt power supply for normal functions.

Our products are easy to maintain, efficient, cost-effective and highly productive. We reflect supreme quality in each and every product of ours that we naturally have a lot of these devices sold to our customers throughout the country. A Paper Glass Manufacturing Machine manufactured by us has a lot of advanced features that offer plenty of advantages for your manufacturing unit from low manpower to low consumption of power. This means higher productivity in terms of manpower, energy and per piece of machinery.
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